Buy Your Dream With Crypto

Elegance by AENALYZR is the first service in the world that allows you to pay for any goods or services in crypto. Being able to pay in crypto is very complicated as, few shops accept crypto assets. Therefore, at AENALYZR, we have decided to launch the « Elegance » service. This service allows you to buy what you want at any shop using crypto, even if that one does not accept crypto assets.



You can buy this gorgeous Lamborghini for a few BTC


Tired of airline companies? Rent your own jet with crypto.


Invest, trade some BTC for a Patek Philippe !


Book an Ice Experience and pay with crypto!

Our process

Make your dreams come true

You always wanted that house, always dreamed of this car ? Maybe going on a zero G flight has always been a dream for you. Now, you’re able to pay for this with your hard-earned crypto assets !

First step

Contact us by filling in the form below. Give us some more details about your purchase.

Second step

After we have all the information, we send you the proposal of total price.

Third step

Complete the KYC and AML process with Synaps.io.

Final step

You send us the full crypto payment and we pay the seller with a fiat bank transfer.

When dreams become reality

Enjoy your dream that is now a reality!


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    Which crypto asset can I use to pay?

    We accept all the crypto that have a liquid market (BTC – ETH – AAVE – SOL – AVAX – USDT – USDC – BUSD – …) Contact us for more info !

    I would like to buy a car as an investment, but I don’t know what to buy, can you help me?

    We have certain knowledge in the classic automobile as well as an address book of automobile brokers. We will inevitably find a vehicle which will suit your expectations.

    I know what I want to buy, but I can’t find a seller for it. Can you help me?

    With all the contacts we have in the luxury sector, we will be able to find what you are looking for.

    Which name is on the invoice of my new car/watch/ …?

    The contract of the purchase of the good is between YOU and the seller, so the name on the invoice is yours. We only take care of the payment.

    What can I buy using your service?

    What are the limits of your imagination?

    You can buy everything you want: Cars, Houses, Watches, Holidays, Experiences (Porsche Ice Experience, World Tour, Private Jet rent, Flights tickets, Zero G flights, …), Art, House rent, …